Back Injuries


No matter how safely a person drives, he/she always has a high chance of being injured due to an accident. That accident may be the fault of the driver himself or someone else. No matter who is the one at fault, the victim is the one that suffers the most. He might have many kinds of injuries such as broken ribs, broken limbs, brain injuries, cuts and bruises on arms, legs and other body parts, etc. however, the worst kind of injury a person can get is an injury to the back.

What is Back Injury?

Our back is made up of a number of small bones articulated together. They make up the main structure of the whole skeletal system as all the other bones of the body are connected to them. Herniation or slipping of the vertebral disks may cause severe injury to the back and other parts as well. This may lead to temporary or permanent damage to the whole body.

The back injuries may be minor and major. Minor injuries might include strained back muscles and major might include paralysis to the whole body or some body parts. The body parts that are most likely to be affected by back injuries include the skeletal structure, ligaments, muscles, vertebrae, spinal column, etc.

If you are involved in an accident and experience symptoms such as back pain, pain in legs and weakness of the muscles, then you should immediately go to a doctor to get yourself checked. This is because ignoring it might lead to severe back injury. In many cases, it can only be corrected by surgery or therapy, which takes from months to even years.

The treatment for back injuries may be very expensive. Also if the victim is the breadwinner of the family and has to take leave for the treatment, it may cause financial losses for the family. In such cases, it is better for the victim to contact an attorney who will help him get financial compensation from the assailant. 

Causes of Back Injuries

Back injuries are caused due to accidents on the road or even on the streets. Other drivers and pedestrians may be the cause of such accidents which results in back injuries. Some of the main causes of accidents that cause back injuries are as follows.

1.The driver is driving the vehicle while distracted by anything, such as small talk with his fellows, talking on the mobile phone, etc.

2.If the driver is not driving properly while keeping safe distance between him and the car in front of him and behind him.

3.If the medical care given to the victim is not dealt with properly and the treatment is not completed properly.

4.Not properly getting your car fixed which might cause troubles during driving and sudden accidents on the road.

5.If the workplace such as the construction site does not have proper safety protocols.

The back injury does not have to be an accident. It may be because of someone intentionally hurting the person as well. The back injuries may occur due to assault, roughly playing during a match, recklessly or drunk driving. In all such cases, you can contact any law firm to hire an attorney who will help you in getting the compensation money that you deserve.

Attorneys for Back Injury in California

When a person gets in an accident that causes back injuries, this accident falls in the category of personal injury. In California, such cases are dealt with very carefully. All the cases in which a person is injured or faces any kind of financial losses, he can get compensation under the category of personal injury. Since the person who has driven his vehicle not properly is the one to blame, his negligence is accountable in court and will lead him to be held accountable for providing compensation.

When you are in such an accident, there are many steps that you should take immediately. If you are the person in the car that has crashed, then the first thing you should do is to go to a hospital to get a health checkup. Even if there aren’t any visible injuries, you might face further complications in the future. Back injuries can worsen if they are not treated properly so you should be very careful. After that you should contact the police so that they can gather evidence and write a report. This will help you greatly in the case later on. 

If your vehicle has crashed into the rideshare vehicle, you should contact the nearby police station or traffic police immediately. They will gather evidence and write up a report. It is important that you take the contact information of the driver or the person who has caused the accident so that you can contact him further in the future. After that you should get a health checkup so that you can get compensated for your medical bills in case of injuries. In case, you can secure a witness, then the chances of you succeeding in the trial will greatly increase.

After you are done, you should contact a trustworthy lawyer. There are many back injury accidents’ attorneys in California that will help you write up a case and present it in the court. One of these online law firms is Colony Law. They will provide you with the best lawyers who will support you in every step along the way. You can either contact them on their official website of Colony Law or can contact them at the phone no -310-882-6336.


Who should you contact if you have a back injury?

If you are facing a back injury, after getting medical treatment, you should contact a trustworthy attorney who will help you write up a case for the court and will help you throughout the process. You can get the best attorneys from Colony Law if you are from California. You can contact them at their official website or call them at 310-882-6336.

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