Big-Rig Accidents


Trucks are really useful vehicles since they are used to carry around heavy equipment and goods from one place to another. They are huge vehicles and in many countries are usually allowed to travel at night time. The drivers driving the rucks have special licenses issued to them so they are experienced. However that does not mean that they cannot get into any accident.  

Big-rig accidents, like the name suggests, are usually of large scale and cause a lot of damage to the victims. The victim may face a lot of physical, emotional and financial damage due to the big-rig accidents. The assailant is usually the company that owns or hired the truck for their use. Attorneys file a case against them so that they pay compensation for the victim’s damages.

Causes of Big-Rig Accidents

Generally the companies that host trucks follow regulations and train their drivers to deal with different situations and know all the protocols so that they don’t get into an accident that will be fatally harmful to them and the people around them. 

One of the main causes which leads to a truck accident is when the driver is exhausted from driving and has been driving for many hours. If proper resting hours or days are not given to the driver, then he may become tired or sleep during the drive which may lead to an accident. 

Another cause of truck accidents is when a lot of weight is put on the truck. Every truck has a weight restriction that should be strictly followed. If the truck is overweight, then the truck may skid and topple on the road, causing a large-scale accident.

If the drivers are given unrealistic deadlines, then it forces them to rush and drive faster than the speed limit. This may result in a severe accident between the truck and other vehicles. If the driver is distracted while driving with his cell phone or talking to other passengers, that may also lead to accidents. Drunk driving is also another major reason for big-rig accidents.  

Effects of Big-Rig Accidents

The scale of big-rig accidents is massive and it not only causes a great toll on the body of the driver, but also of the victim. In some cases, the victim might face minor injuries such as cuts and bruises that is only if he is extremely lucky. The effects of big-rig accidents are normally disastrous. Some of the physical injuries that the victims and drivers get themselves into include brain and head injuries, spinal cord and back injuries, burn injuries, bone fractures, torn muscles and in some cases immediate death. 

Other than the physical injures, the victims also have to face financial losses such as treatment for their injuries, surgeries, loss of their vehicle, loss of job and pay during recovery etc. in such cases, it is the responsibility of the assailant to compensate them with damages and pay them back enough so that the victims can cover all of their expenses. 

Attorneys for Big-Rig Accidents in California

If you are involved in a big-rig accident on the road, it is your legal duty to stop at the scene, otherwise you will be considered a culprit of the hit-and-run. You should also have your ID with you and give your name, registration number of car and license number to the people involved in the accident.

If you or anyone around is injured, you should call the police and the nearest hospital to get first aid. The police will collect all the evidence and write up a report that will be useful for you in the court later. Also, you should collect and know the name, address, phone number and all other personal information of the truck’s driver.

An important step that mostly people miss is that they do not seek medical attention. Even if you feel okay, you should go to the hospital to avoid any complications in the future. The medical report you will obtain will help you with the legal procedures.

After you have taken these important steps, you should contact a lawyer or seek consultation from a legal expert. This step is very important especially if you have serious injuries and want to be compensated. Your lawyer will help you create a strong case in the court so that you can get your rightful money and compensation for the physical and emotional damage you have received.


Since truck accidents are very complicated and are not easily solvable, getting in contact with a good lawyer will be very helpful to get your deserved compensation. Since California is one of the major locations for truck accidents, hiring a good lawyer from there will prove very helpful for you. 

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What type of injuries can a person involved in a big-rig accident get?

The big-rig accidents are usually large-scale and the victim can get many kinds of injuries after the impact. Physical injuries include injuries to the head, spinal cord, back, brain, legs, arms, etc. Some people also get severe fractures in the rib cage and other bones. In worst cases, such injuries can result in the death of the person.   

What should you do if you are involved in a big-rig accident in California?

If you are involved in a big-rig accident in California, the first thing you should do is to get medical attention. After that, you should contact an attorney who will help you prepare a case for the court. There are many law firms in California but the best one among them which has the best and the most experienced lawyers is Colony Law. They will set you up with attorneys who will support the legal process. You can contact them at their official website or contact them on 310-882-6336.   

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