What is Personal Injury?
When you get injured or suffer damages because of an accident caused by another person’s
negligence or failure to exercise reasonable care, the other person becomes liable in law for
causing you injury. The threshold of reasonable care depends on the circumstances of each
case, but the injury must be caused by the other party.

Why do you need a Personal Injury Lawyer?
Statistics mention that more than 10 people die every day in motor vehicles accidents in the
State of California. In 2018 alone, California saw more than 3200 fatal accidents.
If you get injured because of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to claim various
types of damages from that person including damages for pain and suffering, loss of earning,
death, damage to property and medical expenses.

California is a comparative fault state, which means that you can recover the damages for the
percentage negligence of the other person from that person’s insurance company. For
example, if you were 30% at fault for the accident, you can still claim 70% of the damages
from the other person’s insurance company.

But the insurance companies have a very well experienced team, whose sole goal is to make
sure to minimize any liability and damges they pay you. They can put forward a number of
defences like contributory negligence, apprehension of risk, intervening causes, limitation by
statute etc. and escape their liability.

In that case, you may not have enough knowledge and energy to fight the insurance company
alone. In these difficult times, retaining a lawyer usually means the lawyer deals with the
legal issues of the case while fighting to get you the highest compensation from the insurance
company for your injuries, while you concentrate on your recovery. In a study of motor
accident claims it was found that injured parties received 40% higher compensation when
represented by a lawyer.

Our team at Colony Law is available around the clock for a free case evaluation. They will
discuss the strategy and next steps of your case and help you receive top medical care with no
out-of-pocket costs to you. We don’t get paid unless we win! That’s our promise to you.

How to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are more than 275,000 lawyers in State of California alone. Finding an experienced
and reliable lawyer can be quite a task. You can use the following criteria to help you find the
right attorney for you:

  1. Experience
    Not all lawyers are personal injury lawyers. One needs to understand the minor nuances of
    the injuries and accidents. You should look for a lawyer with specific personal injury
    experience. You should check the success rate and highest compensations claimed
    successfully by the lawyer in past.
  2. Honesty

You need a lawyer who is trustworthy and dependable. The lawyer should be honest to you,
so as to establish a healthy attorney-client relationship. Your lawyer should have a clear track
record of their past and should not have any disciplinary action pending against them. An
honest lawyer will relieve you from all the stress of the court and let you focus on your

  1. Responsive
    A lawyer should be very responsive to the questions and concerns you have. There should be
    no communication barrier between a client and the attorney. Your attorney should be
    accessible to you.
  2. Transparency
    The lawyer you hire should regularly update you regarding developments in your claim. They
    should give you their honest opinions without hiding anything. The lawyer should also
    clearly mention their firm is charging. The lawyer should tell you the pros and cons of each
    action, while making sure your interest in the case remains the top priority.
  3. Aggressive
    While the attorney should be courteous and personable towards their clients, a great attorney
    will fight aggressively against the party at fault and wins the highest possible compensation
    for their clients. An aggressive lawyer never backs down in the fight against huge insurance
    companies and other lawyers.
  4. Reviews
    Even after you have researched and interviewed the lawyer, you should also review the
    attorney’s online reviews.
  5. Understanding
    A lawyer should understand that, beyond the monetary or quantitative loss you’ve suffered,
    the accident has affected your daily life. This will help the lawyer and client to put their case
    forward in the best possible manner in Court and demand adequate damages.
  6. Our award-winning team at Colony Law provides free consultations to help you in your time
    of need. We will review the facts of your case and help you maximize your compensation
    with no out-of-pocket cost to you!
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