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There are many burn accidents that can occur in our daily lives. But they are not necessarily your fault. Sometimes, they might occur due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of others. They might be extremely severe and can not only leave a scar but also damage the organs that are connected to it. It may lead to permanent damage of the organs.

Unfortunately, even with modern medicine, there is no sure cure for damage caused by burns. Since skin acts as a protective layer around your organs, having it burned means that the infection from outside is allowed to get in your body which causes many issues and sometimes even death.

Because of this, emotional and physical trauma and injury occurring should be compensated by the suspect. Many courts hear appeals and deal with cases related to burn accidents. 

Types of Burn Accidents

There are many types of burns that a victim can get when in different situations. These burns are difficult to cure and even harder to treat. That is why the medical bills are also high and insurance cannot always cover them. To make sure that you can get a good case out of your situation, you should know what type of burn you had. Following are some of the burn accidents that are likely to occur.

  • Electrical Burns: exposure to high amounts of electricity causes these types of burns. These burns have a lot of complications since they usually cause damage to the body. It can also cause complications and damage to the brain, heart and other organs.
  • Automobile Accidental Burns: such accidents mostly occur if you were involved in or were close to a vehicle accident. The petrol might be leaking from the car which leads to an explosion and people around can be burned. Such scars can also be caused by spilling hot liquid, such as tea or coffee on the person, or when hot gas or oil touches the skin.
  • Chemical Burns: Working in a lab is dangerous since there are many acids and bases such as bleach, chlorination solutions, battery liquids or ammonia, which can spill and cause burns to the skin. 
  • Gas Explosive Burns: Gas exploding in kitchens, workshops, petrol pumps, shops, etc. can cause severe burns and damage that is difficult to cure. 

Burns due to Fire: contrary to the list of types of burns given above, unattended fire is mostly the cause of burns and scalding. This fire might occur due to gas leakage, outdoor and indoor fires, burning cigarettes and so on.

Burn Accidents in California

There are many burn accidents that occur in California almost every day. According to statistics, almost 10,000 people die due to neglected burn injuries every year in America. Many of these victims are found to be living in California. 

If you are a citizen of California who has suffered from such a burn accident, then you can get compensated in the court if the cause of the fire was someone else’s fault. You can charge them for the physical and emotional damage that you had to face. 

The physical damages include the expenses that you had to pay for your medical bills for the treatment of the burns. If the severity of the accident has led you to get a surgery, then you can also claim for such damages. If the fire accident has made you lose your job or any of your personal belongings, you can file a case in the court and get yourself compensated. 

The emotional damage is mostly related to the burn mark or scar on the face or on any noticeable feature of your body. The first impression is the last impression, and our society is very judgmental towards beauty standards. That is why the emotional distress and depression caused by the burn accidents can be compensated as well.


When to Hire an Attorney for Burn Accidents in California

There are many great attorneys in California that you can contact if you want to hire a burn accident attorney for your case. Our experienced legal team at Colony Law with a high success rate are available to assist you. 

When you are in such an accident, there are many steps that you should take immediately. If you are the person in the car that has crashed, then the first thing you should do is to go to a hospital to get a health checkup. Even if there aren’t any visible injuries, you might face further complications in the future. After that you should contact the police so that they can gather evidence and write a report. This will help you greatly in the case later on.  

We make sure to guide you through the necessary steps you have to take so that you can easily file your appeal for the court.


To make sure that your case gets accepted in the court, you should collect some evidence beforehand that will be helpful. First of all, when the accident occurs, you should go to the nearby hospital and get yourself checked even if there are no visible marks. They will help you deal with complications in the long run.

After that, you should write out in detail regarding what happened at the scene. If you are able to take photographs that support your claim, then that is great. Otherwise, you can also search for some witnesses that will help you with the case. You should also tell your employer about the situation that has occurred beforehand. 

After you are done, you can contact your personal lawyer or hire a professional attorney who will help you deal with the issues of the court. They will create a case that will be presented in the court and will be helpful in getting your deserved compensation from the guilty party.

If you are in California and in need of an accident attorney, you can always contact the personal injury attorneys of Colony Law – Give us a call now: 310-882-6336.




When should you contact the burn accident attorneys for your case?

When you are in an accident and that has left burns on your body, after getting treatment, you should immediately file for a case that will help you get your deserved emotional and physical compensation. For this, you should contact a burn accident attorney who will help you in gathering evidence, speaking to the right people and getting the money settlement that you deserve. If you are in California, you can always contact our team of legal professionals at Colony Law to take the necessary steps at once.

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