Commercial Accidents


Commercial accidents may be a confusing and traumatic experience. A vehicle accident with a commercial car can be complicated. Nowadays, trucks are commonly seen on interstates and highways of the country. The economy needs these vehicles to carry goods to different places to satisfy the demands of a growing population.

Undoubtedly, commercial trucks are essential for the survival of society, but large vehicles may pose a serious risk to motorists. Things can be challenging if drivers are neglectful, trucks are in disrepair, and owners of companies ignore the government’s safety regulations. Truck accidents of different types may be the reason for the greatest devastation.

Nowadays, commercial accidents are common on highways. Because of their size, huge trucks may cause property damage and impose catastrophic injuries on innocent victims. Here are some common types of commercial trucks causing accidents.

Garbage and Dump Trucks

Trash, garbage, and dump trucks may be hazardous to cyclers, people walking on the road, and small vehicles. Commercial vehicles carry loads of dirt, dry materials, waste, gravel, and demolition debris and construction material in residential areas. The top-heavy loads may increase the risk of tip-over, substantial blind spots, and flying debris.

Tractor Trailers

The cargo-hauling trucks are also famous as 18-wheelers, big rigs, or semi-trailers. They have several blind spots and drive with a high gravity center; therefore, they are easy to roll over. Moreover, these drivers stay behind the wheel for a longer duration. Tractor-trailers will be dangerous for several other drivers.

Tanker Trucks

These trucks can be the main reason for commercial accidents. Taker trucks haul gases or liquids. Numerous vehicles carry hazardous materials. Because of their shape and size, these trucks tend to roll over. However, these may be dangerous if hauled gas or liquid is flammable. Furthermore, fumes of a toxic substance can cause fatal issues.

Tow Trucks

Private operators often run tow trucks with untrained drivers. The weight of these large vehicles may be over 10,000 pounds. Nowadays, these can be the major reason for commercial accidents.

Flatbed Trucks

The trucks feature an extended open trailer for easy unloading and loading cargo. Commercial accidents may involve cargo with improper security. It can easily dislodge from trucks and hit other cars or cause massive casualties.

Common Causes of Commercial Accidents

Serious crashes often involve large trucks exceeding 10,000 pounds. There are some common trends in commercial accidents. Numerous commercial accidents involve large trucks. Here are some common causes:

  • Running away from the travel lane
  • Vehicle loss its control because of fast traveling
  • Vehicle system failure and cargo shift
  • Poor roads
  • Collision with another vehicle in the lane of trucks

Sometimes, accidents occur because of non-performance and error of the driver, environmental factors, malfunction, and other vehicle issues. See these reasons:

  • Interruption in traffic flow
  • Brake problems
  • Too fast traveling for betting
  • Use of a prescription drug
  • Roadway unfamiliarity
  • Roadway issues
  • Crosswalk or traffic control device
  • Use of the over-the-counter drug
  • Fatigue
  • Inadequate surveillance

Liability in Commercial Accidents

According to specific circumstances, anyone can be responsible for a commercial accident. See the possible liable parties:

  • Employer of driver
  • The driver of a commercial vehicle
  • A company that leases or owns the vehicle
  • Company or person responsible for maintenance of the vehicle
  • Manufacturer of the vehicle or particular parts
  • Driver and Company of Driver

If any action of the driver has caused a collision directly, he will be liable for this accident. For example, breaking traffic regulations, voluntarily exceeding regulations (hours-of-service), driving while intoxicated or distracted, etc.

Sometimes, the driver of a commercial vehicle acts for his employment. Hence, the employer of the driver will be responsible. Moreover, the employer will be at fault if he fails to complete inspections and ignore safety regulations.

How to determine the liability of commercial accidents?

The involvement of numerous parties in commercial accidents makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact person responsible for an accident. For this reason, it becomes essential to contact a commercial accident attorney. A qualified lawyer will help you to recover compensation as per your injuries.

Right Protection after Commercial Accidents

Like a passenger vehicle accident, it is essential to take necessary measures to protect your rights after an accident with a commercial vehicle. You can do the followings:

  • You should not leave the accident scene because it will be a hit-and-run case.
  • Make sure to check on all passengers and drivers. You can see if a person involved in the accident needs medical attention.
  • It is essential to call the police to see any evidence of death, injury, or property damage.
  • Exchange vital information, such as the license number of the driver, addresses, phone numbers, names, insurance information, and the number of license plates. It is essential to get information about the employer of a commercial driver.
  • Inform the insurance company and share important details of the accident. You can obtain a filed police report and keep an account of all involved parties.
  • You will need medical attention and medical treatment. Make sure to manage records of medications, treatments, and medical appointments. Keep note of injuries and their impacts on your regular life.
  • It is essential to photograph the accident scene and possible damages caused by injuries and accidents. Photographic evidence is helpful to determine people at fault during disputes.

Remember, you should not discuss your accident with random people except your lawyer. Commercial accidents can be complicated, but a professional lawyer can save you from difficult situations. Moreover, you will be able to recover maximum compensation.

Commercial Accidents Lawyer

Commercial accidents often involve trucks and buses. These may be devastating because of the weight and size of vehicles. Victims suffer serious health complications and lifetime injuries. At Colony Law, lawyers can help you to deal with this challenging phase of life.

Professionals can fight for the compensation and rights of victims and their families. If you are injured in commercial accidents without any fault, contact Colony Law at 310-882-6336 for a free case evaluation.


Who should you contact after suffering from injuries during a commercial accident?

If you are injured by a commercial vehicle, make sure to seek medical treatment. You have to contact a professional lawyer who can file your case. Only experts in commercial accidents can help you in this process. A resident of California can contact Colony law to get a qualified lawyer. Contact them at 310-882-6336 or check their official website.

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