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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense of driving. You cannot control your vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Remember, you cannot drive after taking a recreational drug or a drug prescribed by your physician. DUI and drunken driving accidents kill several people around the world.

It is really dangerous because drunken driving accidents still claim thousands of lives annually. Several people around the world are involved in alcohol-related cases. In 2010, DUI accidents caused deaths and casualties of almost $44 billion.

Meaning of Driving Under the Influence

DUI means that a person is driving while lessened by drugs or alcohol. Undoubtedly, it is not legal to drive a vehicle if BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.08 percent or even high. At the .08 BAC level, the fatal accident risk will increase significantly. All critical driving skills may negatively impact response time, judgment, lane changing, steering and braking.

    Even a Drink May Impact Driving Skills and Judgment

    Remember, the driving skills and the judgment of a person is essential for driving. Even a BAC under .08 can influence your decision. These can make a person drive erratically. A small quantity of alcohol can impact your reflexes and slowing your ability to respond. Moreover, it can distract your attention from focusing on the road.


    DUI Does Not Include Only Alcohol

    Under DUI charges, a person will be charged and arrested even if he is driving under drug influence, whether illicit, over-the-counter or prescribed. Several DUI cases involve vehicle accidents under the influence of drugs instead of alcohol.



    Identify if a Person Was Impaired When Driving

    After an accident, if you suspect if the driver was driving under alcohol or drug influence, you have to focus on the following signs.

    Symptoms for Depressant Medication, Alcohol Impairment and Marijuana

    • Difficulty focusing
    • Blood-shot eyes
    • Hostile behavior
    • Drowsiness
    • Slurred or slow speech
    • Smell of marijuana or alcohol
    • Difficulty standing
    • Poor motor skills
    • Involuntary movements of the eye
    • Statement of the driver about where he/she was before this crash


      Opioid Use Signs

      These may include fentanyl, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, Vicodin, and heroin. Some common signs are similar to marijuana or alcohol. Similarly, others may include a runny nose or eyes, sweating or itching.


      Signs for the Use of Stimulant, including Methamphetamines or Cocaine

      • Extreme nervousness and restlessness
      • Tremors
      • Euphoria
      • Risk-taking behavior or inflated self-confidence
      • Rigid muscles
      • Grinding teeth
      • Exaggerated reflexes
      • Impatience

      After observing these signs, try to draw the attention of investigating officers to them. Note down everything you heard or saw. Moreover, share the reasons why you think a driver was drunk while driving.


        Civil and Criminal Action in DUI Accident Cases

        If a person drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he will face criminal charges. Sometimes, DUI drivers may be responsible financially for losses, damages and injuries. These losses can be different in both the civil justice system and criminal courts. DUI guilty may get a sentence in criminal courts, but DUI victims or their families will not get any compensation to cover their financial losses.

        They may get fair compensation by an injury lawsuit for damages they bear. Civil cases may be easy to try compared to criminal cases as the plaintiff should prove inattention from the defendant.


        Damages in DUI Accident Injuries

        If you were injured in a DUI accident, you could recover damages for losses and injuries you have faced, such as:

          Lost Wages

           In numerous cases, victims are unable to work temporarily while they recover from injuries. During these days, you will seek lost income. Sometimes, you have to leave your job because of disability and damages. A DUI lawyer will help you to get extra compensation for impairment of earning capability.

          Medical Expenses

           These may include the cost of medical treatment you have received after an accident, such as medication, surgery, hospitalization, consistent physical therapy and medical equipment. Make sure to save all receipts and documents from claiming these expenses. Moreover, provide clear evidence of injuries.

          Punitive Damages

          These are often awarded as punishment to the liable party for specific egregious behavior.


          Suffering and Pain

          Injuries because of car accidents may increase your discomfort and physical pain. These may result in psychological and emotional issues, including post-traumatic stress (PTSD) disorder and depression. In this situation, you are liable to claim compensation for mental anguish and physical pain because of suffering and pain.

          If a DUI accident victim dies, members of his family may bring a wrongful death lawsuit. These prove helpful for a family of victims seeking compensation for injuries, including burial and funeral costs, medical expenses, suffering and pain, loss of love and future income.


          How Can Experienced DUI Lawyer Help Accident Victims?


          After being injured in a DUI case, it becomes significant to contact a professional DUI accident lawyer. The law firm will investigate this case through their investigator. If you are harmed because of an intoxicated government employee, you can sue his public agency. In this case, you have to act instantly because there is a limitation for the six-moth statute.

          You will need the assistance of an experienced law firm to obtain appropriate medical care for psychological, emotional and physical injuries. Try to get full compensation for your damages and injuries, even punitive damages.

          Sometimes, your insurance company may help you to get compensation from the insurer of the guilty. You should have proof and witnesses to make your case strong.If alcohol was involved in an accident case, it requires special attention to get maximum compensation. You cannot leave your future to


          chance. Immediately call an experienced DUI attorney at Colony Law. Make sure to contact Colony Law at 310-882-6336 or check out their official website.

          Who should a DUI accident victim contact?

          After becoming a DUI accident victim, you should contact a professional attorney to represent you in court. Instead of waiting for your recovery, call an expert immediately. A professional attorney will help you in this process. In California, you can call at 310-882-6336 to discuss the details of your case.


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