Electric Scooter Accidents

The popularity of electric scooters is increasing day by day. This is because it is a good way of transportation when the traffic is really bad. The electric scooter is like a normal scooter but with a motor and can travel up to 15 miles per hour.

Even though it is a simple vehicle, there are still traffic rules that need to be followed while you are driving an electric scooter. If you are not following these rules and get into an accident, then the victim of the accident who has crashed into you is liable for compensation against damages.

Rules for Driving Electric Scooters :


With the increase in the usage of electric scooters, the government has set up many laws for safe and secure driving for the riders and the pedestrians. These laws are enforced by the traffic police. Even though the drivers do not need any license or insurance for the vehicle, there are still some rules and regulations that they should follow while riding. Some of these regulations are given below.

    1. The riders should be over the age of eighteen.

    2. They should be wearing safety gear, especially helmets.

    3. The vehicle should be equipped with a proper and functional braking system.

    4. There should be only a single rider for the vehicle.

    5. The rider should have an instruction permit or license with him at all times.

    6. He should not be carrying any heavy object with him that would require him to unhand the handlebars.

    7. The handlebars should be raised to his shoulder height so he can hold both of them in a proper posture especially on the highway.

    8. The driver should not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

    9. Electric vehicles should be driven at speeds of almost 15 miles per hour on the highway.

    10. The vehicle should be on the designated side of the road for vehicles. If there is no such pavement, they can ride on the side of the road for better safety.

Many of the accidents that involve electric scooters involve people who are violating any of the above regulations. This leads to harming the pedestrians or other vehicles.

Types of Electric Scooter Accidents in California

 According to the law, the legal age of electric scooter drivers in California is 16. There are other States which require their drivers to be of almost 18 years. Even though this law is enforced, experts have suggested that almost 10.8% of drivers involved in electric scooter accidents were younger than 18. Other than this, almost 4.4% of drivers involved in accidents were not wearing a helmet. This pointed towards an urgent need for strict and effective implementation of law in California.

There are many types of accidents which drivers involve themselves in. some of these types include

1. Accidents caused due to the electric scooter crashing in roadblocks such as fallen branches, debris, potholes, etc.

2. Accidents caused due to pedestrians crashing with the electric vehicles

3. Accidents occurring due to two electric scooters crashing into each other while trying to avoid each other.

4. Accidents caused due to the electric scooter crashing with other vehicles such as motorbikes, bicyclists, cars, etc.

5. Accidents occurring when the electric scooters are making a turn.

It has been studied that even though such accidents seem harmless, many serious medical conditions are faced by the drivers and victims. They include fractures in upper and lower bones. In some extremely serious conditions, some victims have also experienced intracranial hemorrhage.  

What damages are available to me following a motorcycle accident?

Since many electric scooter riders do not carry a license and do not have an insurance license, that is why claiming them for damages may be a little complicated. If the driver has accidently hit a person on the road and the person is injured, the rider may or might not be charged based on whether he has insurance or not.

If the accident has occurred because of any malfunction in the electric scooter, then the driver is not the one at fault. The company is then held responsible and the damages are claimed from them. On the other hand, if the electric vehicle collides with another motor vehicle, the compensation for damages can be claimed if the driver of the electric vehicle was the one at fault. Since the accidents can also be caused due to bumpy roads, sidewalks, and pavements and due to issues in traffic signals, a claim can also be made against the government for poor maintenance.    

Since the electric scooter accidents come under the category of personal injury, if you were involved in any such accident, you can always contact the attorneys in California to get your deserved claims. These claims can be for damages against injuries, damage in personal property and being physically disable to do your job properly. The attorneys will create a proper case for you and support you so that you can properly be compensated for your losses.

If you are facing any accidents in California, you can always contact the Colony Law firm that has experienced and trained attorneys for such cases. You can either contact them on their official website of Colony Law or call them at  310-882-6336.

What are the causes of electric motor accidents in California?

There are many causes which include underage driving, driving without helmets, crashing into a vehicle, pedestrian, the sidewalks or pavements, defective vehicle and many more. In all such cases, if the fault is of the driver or the other party, then you file a case to claim damages. You can also claim damages from the company that has made the vehicle if the electric scooter was defective.

Who should you contact if you are involved in an electric scooter accident?

If you are involved in such an accident, you should first get a medical checkup to get a report about your injuries. After that you should contact an attorney who will help you collect evidence and file a case in the court. You can find the best attorneys in California from Colony Law.  

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