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Almost 1.35 million people die because of road accidents, and 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries with several disabilities. In addition, fatal car accidents increase the chances of considerable economic losses to different people and their families.

These losses start from expensive treatments and productivity loss for those disabled or killed by injuries. Family members often suffer the most because they suddenly have a massive responsibility for the injured person. Fatal car accidents are dangerous for the gross domestic products of every country.


Risk in Fatal Car Accidents

Age and Sex

Road traffic deaths and injuries are common in young adults and children between 5 and 29 years. Generally, the number of young males is more than females involved in traffic crashes. Almost 73 percent of road traffic deaths occur among males under 25 years of age.


Socioeconomic Status

Over 90% of road traffic demises occur in the middle- and low-income countries. Death rates of road traffic injuries are high in the African district. Even people in high-income states are involved in road traffic accidents from low socioeconomic backgrounds.


Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

Fatal car accidents are unwanted for road users, but they happen frequently. People blame each other instead of learning from their mistakes. The main reasons for crashes and accidents are human errors. Here are some common human behaviors associated with fatal car accidents.


Numerous fatal accidents occur because of overspeeding. Humans have a natural psyche to excel. Therefore, they will try to drive at an infinite speed. Remember, you are not alone on the road. You are actually sharing the road with other people; therefore, follow safety and traffic rules. An increase in speed can increase the chance of fatal accidents.

Quick vehicles are prone to accidents as compared to slower ones. Undoubtedly, the severity of these accidents will increase in case of overspeeding. If you are driving at high speed, you will need more distance to stop, such as braking distance. A slow car can halt instantly, and a faster car takes more time and space to stop. Over speeding can decrease your ability to judge forthcoming events.

Drunken Driving

Alcohol consumption is another reason for fatal car accidents. In numerous countries, people consume alcohol to celebrate an occasion. Undoubtedly, drunken driving can turn your celebration into a misfortune. Remember, alcohol can decrease your concentration. It reduces the reaction time of the human body. Limbs need more time to react to directions of the brain.

It can hamper your vision because of dizziness. Furthermore, alcohol diminishes fear and provokes humans to take a risk. All these factors may cause accidents, and it often proves fatal. By increasing 0.05 alcohol concentration in blood, the accident risk doubles. Other than alcohol, several drugs and medicine impact your attention and skills required for driving. For this reason, you should not drive after drinking alcohol. If you are under the influence of alcohol, ask your friend to drop you.


Distractions for Driver

However, distraction when driving might be minor, but increase the chances of significant accidents. Drivers have to deal with distractions inside and outside the vehicle. A major distraction is talking on the phone when driving. By talking on your phone, you can occupy a large part of your brain. Moreover, a small portion will handle driving skills.

In this situation, you will lose your judgment ability and reaction time. It may become an important reason for the crash. You should not attend to any phone call when driving. If your phone call is urgent, stop your car alongside the road before attending the call. Some common distractions are as under:

  • Billboards and banners
  • Animals walking on the road
  • Adjusting mirrors when driving
  • Radio and stereo in a vehicle

A driver can be distracted because of all these things. For this reason, decrease speed while driving to remain safe.

Jumping Red Light

At road connections, vehicles often cross without worrying about the light. People often jump red lights to save time and fuel. Make sure to follow traffic signals to avoid accidents. Road users must follow the red light. By a wrong decision, you can invite other drivers to jump read light. Over speeding is another reason to hamper your vision and jump a red light.

Avoiding Helmets and Seat Belts

In your car, it is necessary to use a seat belt and wear a helmet. It will decrease the severity of injuries during accidents. Make sure to wear a helmet and seat belt while driving to increase survival in serious accidents. Undoubtedly, safety gears will keep you safe and intact during accidents.


Road Factors to Contribute to Accidents


Violation of rules, rash driving, over-speeding, alcohol, fatigue, and failure to understand signs are common factors contributing to accidents. Similarly, crossing at the wrong place, illiteracy and carelessness can increase the chances of accidents.

Sometimes, passengers project their bodies outside their cars or talk to drivers. These behaviors can increase the chances of fatal car accidents. Moreover, failure of steering and brakes, overloading, and insufficient headlights are some common reasons. Avoid driving in hail storms, wind storms, heavy rainfall, snow, and fog.


Compensation for Fatal Car Accidents


If you want to claim compensation for fatal car accidents, you need a qualified car accident lawyer. Regardless of the circumstances, losing your loved one can be traumatic. In addition, the compensation may compound if this accident causes death. Undoubtedly, money cannot compensate for your loss.

By claiming compensation, it will be easy for you to deal with the financial burden. Moreover, you can deal with a different financial matter. According to law, dependents of a deceased person can file a claim to get compensation if negligence or error of someone else is involved. A dependent can be:

  • An ex-spouse or spouse
  • A person co-habiting with the dead as wife or husband
  • Civil partner for almost two years before death
  • Ascendants or parents, such as grandparents
  • Nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, and brothers

Undoubtedly, every case is different; therefore, you will need a professional lawyer to file your fatal car accident case. You can get the best lawyer from a Colony Law firm. Contact them at 310-882-6336.

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