Hit and Run Accidents


Everyone with a driving license is liable to stop at an accident scene after involving in a collision. After getting a license, each driver is responsible for driving carefully. You are responsible for providing identification, determine the property damage and extent of injuries and render assistance. If you fail to do drive according to laws and regulations, you will be subject to criminal prosecution.
Any hit and run accident may result in different injuries to passengers and drivers in another vehicle. Injuries will occur when Implicated driver collides with anything, such as a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian. All these injuries may be severe to minor or need ongoing medical care or hospitalization.
They often increase the chances of income loss, emotional trauma, suffering and pain and damaged vehicles. Moreover, property damages to buildings, homes and other structures may be the reason for any hit and run case. If you are injured in a hit and run accident, you will have different options to recover your losses and damages.

Leaving an Accident Scene

Leaving an accident scene will be a crime that unfortunately happens frequently than your thoughts. Over 700,000 accidents occur annually across the USA. The investigation process starts with an officer arriving at your accident scene to concentrate on the facts. They will collect evidence, such as video footage.
Victims of these cases only face difficulty and pain of injuries. An injured person has to bear property damage, medical bills or overall pain and suffering of injuries. Moreover, the frightening uncertainty of unknown punishments may make things difficult.
Hit-and-run victims often carry UM (uninsured motorist) insurance that is designed for financial relief. In numerous cases, victims face difficulty because insurance companies may not pay bills. If you are a victim of a hit and run accident, you will feel overwhelmed by not knowing how to pay for losses and injuries.
Hit and run accidents have two critical components:

  • Leaving the crime scene
  • Collision of a car into a person or property

If your car hits someone else or something and you tried to take off instead of staying at an accident scene, it is a clear case of hit and runs. Typically, when you hit someone or something with your vehicle, you have to evaluate damages. After hitting a person, call an ambulance and check on his well-being. Remember, you are committing a crime by avoiding these essential steps.

Felony or Misdemeanor

In several states, a hit and run is known as a felony or misdemeanor. If your case is related to a property only, it is a misdemeanor. Though, if you are involved in injuring another person, you may be charged by a hit-and-run felony. It does not matter if the property or an individual you hit produced damage to your car during these cases. Indeed, it is your moral duty to stop at the site of an accident, exchange your number and insurance details.

Do’s and Don’t of Hit and Run

For a hit and run case, you must take some crucial steps immediately after an accident to avoid criminal charges. Quick decision making is essential for your safety. Moreover, it will help you to enjoy numerous positive outcomes.
Initially, you should learn the reaction of the police. Remember, police will try to locate you with the help of witness statements and security footage. Police may use records of a motor vehicle to locate an address. Moreover, the police will ask you to talk about the accident. For this reason, you should contact a lawyer. Here are some cases to avoid the charges of hit and run cases:
You were unable to stop instantly at the scene because of a lack of a safe place. According to law, if you stop as close as possible to the accident site, you have satisfied a portion of the law.
Sometimes, you stopped at the scene and exchanged information with other driver and then left. Once you left, the driver started feeling dizzy and ultimately passed out and must be transported to the hospital. In this situation, you will be charged with a felony for failing to render your assistance. If you have no injury knowledge and no information, a sensible person might conclude an injury. In this case, you may not be guilty of the offense.
You are driving consistently because you do not know the consequences of an accident. In numerous cases, it will be unclear if damaged resulted or preexisting. Sometimes, you might not be obligated to stay at the accident scene and exchange information.
You are responsible for stopping and helping the victim. Remember, a charge of leaving an accident scene is a felony; therefore, you may land in jail. Furthermore, legal help allows you to avoid serious penalties and consequences.

When do you need legal help after hit and run accidents?

Sometimes, you have to take legal help from a qualified injury attorney who knows about all legal procedures. In several cases, the negligence of a driver who left an accident scene may be located by police investigators through different methods.

Witnesses may have the necessary information that proves helpful for the police during their investigation. Colony Law may help you to file your case and obtain financial compensation according to current policy.  Moreover, a professional lawyer will help you to deal with your insurance company.

After a hit and run accident, drivers often flee the accident scene for different reasons. For instance, they are drug-impaired or drunk, maybe speeding or driving on a revoked or suspended license. Moreover, an undocumented alien is responsible for a hit and run accident. Similarly, a person may have panicked after an accident and flee from the scene to avoid punishment.


Why do you need a lawyer?

Regardless of reasons, a driver may hold responsible legally for damages and injuries. Our law firm has the skills and experience necessary to recover the damages incurred by adverse events. At Colony Law, professionals deal with hit and run accidents. You can contact them at 310-882-6336.


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