Rideshare Accidents in California


Rideshare is a common phrase that is used nowadays for cab services which include taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft, etc. These services are being used more and more frequently nowadays where customers can hire other people who use their personal cars as a service and take the customers to their desired destinations. This is a very useful service for people who do not own personal cars, or their cars are not available at the moment.

Just like other car accidents, accidents in rideshare can also occur. However, if these accidents are caused by the drivers of the company and cause injuries or damage to the customers, then the customers can claim damages from the company and the driver involved.  

Types of Rideshare Accidents in California

Rideshare accidents are very common in California. This is because California was one of the first States that introduced this service. Therefore, people have been ridesharing cars in this State the longest. 

As the number of rideshares increased, the number of people filing cases against ride sharing accidents has also increased. This is why the courts have made many laws and scenarios in which the people can file cases against ride sharing accidents. 

There are many types of rideshare accidents that people are involved in. some of them are given below.

  1. Ridesharing accidents in which the customer sitting in the back or the front seat was injured.
  2. Ridesharing accidents in which the driver himself was injured while dropping, picking up or driving the customers.
  3. Some other car crashed with the rideshare vehicle while the rideshare was performing its services.
  4. The passengers of the other car or vehicle that crashed with the rideshare car were injured.

These all scenarios have been filed as cases in the court and people have claimed damages in these cases.

Causes of Rideshare Accidents in California

According to experts, the car accidents occurring due to rideshare vehicles are less than 3 percent in America. This is because the drivers are usually well trained and verified with the company that they have experience with driving before being hired. Even with great caution, accidents might happen.   

There are many reasons why a rideshare car might be involved in an accident. It is not compulsory that in the rideshare accidents, the driver of the rideshare vehicle is always at fault. There are many situations that can happen in such accidents. All of these situations are properly analyzed at the court before compensating the victims. Some of the causes of rideshare accidents are given below.

  1. Exhausted drivers who fall asleep during driving.
  2. A lot of traffic on the road which sometimes puts pressure on the drivers.
  3. Drivers driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.  
  4. Not properly following the traffic rules.
  5. Not maintaining proper distance between their own vehicle and the ones ahead and behind of them.

When to Hire an Attorney for Rideshare Accidents in California

When a person gets in a rideshare accident, this accident falls in the category of personal injury. In California, such cases are dealt with very carefully. All the cases in which a person is injured or faces any kind of financial losses, he can get compensation under the category of personal injury. Since the corporation or the company who provided you the services had the responsibility of safely taking you to your destination, negligence in this duty will lead them to be held accountable for providing compensation.

When you are in such an accident, there are many steps that you should take immediately. If you are the person in the car that has crashed, then the first thing you should do is to go to a hospital to get a health checkup. Even if there aren’t any visible injuries, you might face further complications in the future. After that you should contact the police so that they can gather evidence and write a report. This will help you greatly in the case later on.  


If your vehicle has crashed into the rideshare vehicle, you should contact the nearby police station or traffic police immediately. They will gather evidence and write up a report. It is important that you take the contact information of the rideshare driver so that you can contact him further in the future. After that you should get a health checkup so that you can get compensated for your medical bills in case of injuries. In case, you can secure a witness, then the chances of you succeeding in the trial will greatly increase.

After you are done, you should contact a trustworthy lawyer. There are many rideshare accidents’ attorneys in California that will help you write up a case and present it in the court. One of these online law firms is Colony Law. They will provide you with the best lawyers who will support you in every step along the way. You can either contact them on their official website of Colony Law or can Contact Them at the phone number – 310-882-6336.



What kind of accident claims will help you get compensation in the court in case of rideshare accidents?

If you are in an accident and have gotten injuries that had to be treated in a hospital or medical Centre, then you can claim compensation for the bills. If the injury has led you to lose your earning potential, then you can claim compensation for that as well. Other than this, the assailant is also responsible for all the emotional damage and sufferings. In the court you can claim support for your mental health as well.

What should you do if you are in a rideshare accident?

If you are in a rideshare accident, you should go to a hospital to get yourself treated. After that you should get the police to write a report of the accident. You should get the contact information of the driver to contact him in the future. After that you should contact a lawyer who will help you in the court procedures. You can get the best lawyers from Colony Law.

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