An SUV roll-over accident means an SUV rolls over on its roof or side while driving on the road. It may involve an accident with another vehicle. These accidents are common in SUVs (sport utility vehicles) because of their heavy design.

SUVs manufacturers are famous for the vulnerability of their vehicles to roll over. Sometimes, the design of an SUV is not safe to prevent accidents. The suspension system of SUVs is poorly designed with a high gravity center, faulty brakes and poor stability design.


Dangers with SUV Roll-Overs

Roll-over accidents may result in more mortalities than several other accidents, particularly if passengers are not properly wearing seatbelts. During roll-overs, you may be thrown out from an SUV that often results in death and injuries. In addition, numerous fatalities occur when passengers are pulled out from a vehicle. 

Moreover, SUV roll-over accidents may crush up the roof of a vehicle because of the impact of the road. It may happen if the roll bar or roof does not meet strength standards. These things may be defective to damage during accidents. Roof crushes may lead to fatal or severe injuries, particularly neck and head.


Common Causes of SUV Roll-overs

Moreover, particular SUVs may be prone to roll-overs. Numerous situations may cause roll-overs. These may include the following: Low speed SUV accidents may not result in roll-over for vehicles. But, remember, SUVs can roll over on a low speed.  A dual-lane change movement is another reason where you can switch lanes to avoid a car or a person in front of you. The driver will switch back in an original lane after preventing the obstacle. It can be a sudden movement. SUVs may roll over when the driver tries to perform this type of maneuver. If you are driving at a particular speed limit, these accidents may result in fatalities.  Defective separate tire tread occurs on tires when there is a blowing out feeling of the tire. In this situation, the driver may lose control of his/her car. In addition, tread separation will be dangerous in SUVs because of the high gravity center.

Common Types of SUV Roll-over Accidents


SUV roll-over accidents may lead to severe injuries, such as:

  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Brain and head injuries
  • Death

During SUV roll-overs, the body distribution of wounds normally impacts five critical areas: lower limbs, upper limbs, abdomen, thorax, neck and head. The victims of roll-over sustain multiple injuries through these regions because the neck and head are vulnerable areas.

Some common injuries include bruises, scrapes, cuts, broken bones, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury. These injuries may occur by slamming into an obstacle or another vehicle. The impact with unsecured cargo, torn metal or broken glass can be dangerous. The long term impact of injuries includes impairment of essential functions, such as emotional control, blindness, partial vision loss, memory, and vision or speech loss.

Similarly, victims may suffer from teeth loss, dental injury, hearing loss, blindness and vision loss. Some other impacts are amputation to the legs or arm and chronic back pain. Considerable damages to organs, veins and nerves are also common during SUV roll-overs.

Claims for SUV Roll-over Injury

If you are injured because of a poorly manufactured SUV after a vehicle accident, you can apply for an automotive product accountability claim against the SUV manufacturer. To prove the liability of a product against manufacturers, you can hire a lawyer. Sometimes, you do not have to prove negligence. Instead, you have to prove that SUV is designed defectively that caused a roll-over.

What do you need to prove an SUV Roll-over Claim?

The accuser may not have to prove carelessness for poorly designed SUVs that rolled over. Remember, a defective design is enough to do this. If a complainant has to prove a defect in the design of SUV that is the reason for roll-over, the plaintiff is responsible for showing:

  • The design of SUV is intended
  • The components or SUV design is dangerous for intended use
  • An alternative design is available that might increase the safety of the SUV
  • The manufacturing cost of safe design for SUV might not cost much
  • The complainant has suffered losses or injured because of SUV rolled over
  • With safe modification, the SUV might have performed in the same way

Remember, the accuser has to share a negligence theory against the manufacturer and several other companies that sold, manufactured and designed the SUV. Under a negligence theory, the accuser should show that companies are unsuccessful in following due care while manufacturing and designing the SUV. Moreover, companies fail to offer instructions and warnings in tips to ride an SUV safely.

Damages to Recover After an SUV Roll-over Accident

After your injury in a roll-over SUV accident, you can claim compensation after hiring a lawyer. A professional lawyer will help you to claim the following damages.

Economic damages can compensate the accuser for real, measurable losses. These losses are actual losses and may include:

  • Lost future and past wages
  • Lost business opportunities related to injuries suffered
  • Future and past medical bills
  • The expense associated with replacing and repairing a property

Non-economic damages include unquantifiable damages because they may not be calculated by adding up invoices and medical bills. They may include:

  • Severe pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical impairment
  • Physical suffering
  • Loss of companionship and consortium
  • Loss of enjoyable life in plaintiff

Manufacturers of an automobile may not want to pay compensation for wrongful death, automotive liability cases of products and personal injury. They will defend aggressively against roll-over cases. You will need an experienced and qualified lawyer who may advise you for the best results for these cases. Colony Law can assist you in this situation.

Should I contact a lawyer?

If you want to design defect lawsuits for poorly designed vehicles behind SUV roll-overs, you will need an expert opinion. Typically, a professional lawyer can handle this situation. Make sure to hire a qualified lawyer by sharing your problem with Colony Law. To share your issue, contact them at 310-882-6336. An experienced attorney can offer the best legal advice necessary to get a legal remedy.

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