After you’ve been involved in an accident, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the many
factors of your auto accident claim — this is completely normal. There may be several factors
and categories of injuries or damages that you may not have even considered, which may
increase your potential settlement. This article is a broad overview of the various types and
categories of damages under an auto accident. For specific advice, we highly recommend
contacting our office for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the strengths and value of
your claim. 

Medical Treatment and Bills 

In many cases, an auto accident will be linked to physical injuries to the drivers, passengers, or
pedestrians involved. The most important factor in addressing your injuries is to seek
appropriate and continuous treatment under the supervision of licensed medical professionals.
For many, this may pose a serious financial impact, however, our firm works with the top
medical professionals to provide you medical care (chiropractor, pain management, physical
therapy, various specialists, etc.) at no out-of-pocket cost to you! This is a huge plus considering
how quickly medical bills and costs can outpace even the best insurance coverage. 

Pain and Suffering 
Pain and suffering is a term used for “general” damages that can’t be calculated by adding up
bills and receipts.

Pain and suffering may be caused by:
 Physical pain and discomfort, whether temporary or permanent
 Depression, anxiety, memory loss, insomnia, or other emotional disorders
 Physical limitations, including the inability to play with your children or hug them
 Loss of consortium (supportive relationship) with your family members
 Any other emotional or psychological trauma

Our firm will continuously monitor your symptoms and note the various limitations your accident
has placed on your day to day life. We work tirelessly on each case because we know that each
client’s situation, injuries, limitations, and other trauma are absolutely unique. 

Property Damage 

In addition to the physical injuries sustained, your claim will likely involve property damage,
including potential damage to your vehicle, motorcycle, bike, or even personal property, such as
a cellphone or laptop. We coordinate your property damage repairs to ensure you obtain
maximum coverage and so that your vehicle and property is repaired or replaced. We also
assist with rental coverage, if it’s available. 

Loss of Earnings/Loss of Earning Capacity
If your accident requires you to miss substantial amount of work or, even worse, has impaired
your long-term earning capacity, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party.
We help craft, collect, and present the strongest claim possible to recover any and all lost
wages from your job. 

FREE CONSULTATION: We always offer potential clients a free, no obligation consultation to
review and evaluate your case with you. Contact our team today with your questions for free!

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