Wrongful Death in California


Death is a natural occurrence and there are thousands of deaths all over the world on a daily basis. These deaths may be because of natural causes or some accidents. Whatever the reason of death may be, it doesn’t hinder the fact that all deaths are painful for the loved ones and family members.

However, if the death was not due to natural causes but due to an accident that was caused due to the negligence of another person or company, then it falls in the category of wrongful death. In such cases, the immediate family members can file a case for getting compensation for their physical and emotional loss. The immediate family members include parents, siblings, children and spouse. Such family members are known as distributees.

Types of Damages due to Wrongful Deaths 


Even though no money in the world can replace a person, the distributees are still liable to get monetary compensation for their loss especially if the fault was of the other person. You can claim the damages from the company or the person who was involved in the accident that caused the death of the person.

In the case of wrongful death, there are two types of damages that people face after their loved ones pass away. It is required that while you are filling the form for compensation, you mention which type of compensation you are demanding. The details of both these types are given below.

1.Economic Damages:  If the breadwinner passes away, the assailant is required to pay all the expenses of the household until they can find their own method of earning money. The money should be enough so that they can live comfortably during that time. if the victim was an employee of the assailant’s company, then the company is liable to give all the expected benefits of its employee to the distributees.

Every normal household uses many services such as electricity, gas, etc. the company is responsible for paying the bills. Other than this, the assailant is also responsible for paying all the medical (if any) and funeral bills. The company also needs to pay for the lost insurance and the lost inheritance that the distributees would have gotten.

2. Non-Economic Damages:  The non-economic damages include compensation for the loss of love, affection, care, comfort, companionship, moral support, sexual relationship, training and guidance for the future. There is no fixed amount that you have to pay for non-economic damages according to the law. You can claim damages according to your common sense and the condition of the assailant. The important factors you should consider while asking for non-economic damages include age of the victim, his occupation and lifestyle and ask for compensation accordingly. In California, normally the price of non-economic damages is rounded to almost $250,000.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in California

In California, there are many law firms that take the case of the wrongful deaths and treat it with great care and responsibility. Even though there are many wrongful death cases which do not need to be solved in the court, there are others that require the support of the court.

In California, the time which takes for the wrongful death cases is almost one to three months especially if the case is straightforward. This is because it takes almost 40 days for the insurance companies to respond to the claim of wrongful death. However, if the accident needs investigations and retrials, then it might take more time than expected.

Services Provided by Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you are the distributee of the victim and are not satisfied with the compensation that is provided by the assailant or the company, then you can always contact a lawyer or attorney. They always take such cases very carefully and make sure that the grieving families are compensated properly. They support the bereaved family throughout the legal process and make sure to prepare a strong case in the court.

Sometimes, the company rejects the claims of the victim’s family that the wrongful death was their mistake. In such cases, getting help from wrongful death attorneys is a very good option. They make sure that it is proved in the court that the death of the victim was indeed wrongful and was caused by the assailant due to his carelessness. He also ensures that the court knows that the victim has a family and children that depended on him financially and emotionally. He also emphasizes on the fact that a lot of monetary damages were sustained by the victim in case of a car accident.     

It is important that the lawyer is contacted immediately after the accident occurs. In this case, they will be able to gather evidence and work on the case immediately. The more time it takes, the harder it is for the attorneys to gather relatable evidence and witnesses. The whole procedure takes time, energy and proper planning for the case to succeed. The related people of the victim such as coworkers, acquaintances, family members and neighbors can also give testimony on how the death of the victim has affected the life of the distributees.

    There are many great law firms in California which have experienced and trained attorneys who will help you claim your compensation. Since the case of wrongful death falls under the category of personal injury claims, there are many lawyers who deal with such cases. Especially Colony Law will help you connect with the best attorneys who will write your case and support you in the court. You can contact Colony Law from their official website or call them at 310-882-6336.


    Who can claim damages from the wrongful damage accidents?

    The direct family members of the victims can claim damages in case of wrongful death. These family members include parents, siblings, children and spouses. In the legal terms they are known as distributees and they can claim damages from the assailant for economical and non-economic damages. If the assailant refuses to compensate, you can always file a case against.   

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